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The Cleaver Ordination Candidates Fund (Registered Charity No. 313473) exists for the support and encouragement of Anglican ordinands committed to a traditional Catholic understanding of the priesthood and episcopate, and to urge the importance of continuing sound theological learning among the clergy. 

The Fund offers:
  • Book grants for ordinands in each year of formal pre-ordination training;
  • Grants to clergy for postgraduate study;
  • Book grants, library subscriptions, etc., for clergy ordained for ten years or more, to encourage continuing theological study;
  • Grants to clergy for sabbatical study which involves serious academic research and writing;
  • Grants to support candidates exploring a vocation to the priesthood and undertaking a parish placement as part of this process
The Fund was founded from within the Anglican Catholic tradition, and for the support of ordinands adhering to it; the first trustees included many of the leaders of the contemporary Anglo-Catholic movement. The present Trustees administer it accordingly, and so all applicants are asked to submit a brief ecclesiological statement expressing their understanding of the place of the Church of England (or the Anglican church to which they belong) within the Universal Church, and also to show evidence that they belong to the tradition which the Fund exists to support.

The fund is an academic trust. It finances the purchase of books that will contribute to a library of lasting value and thus support its beneficiaries’ ministry of preaching and teaching. It also aims to help those who show promise of enriching the Church in the sphere of theological scholarship.

All correspondence with the Fund should be conducted through the Clerk to the Trustees, clerk@cleaver.org.uk

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