Clergy Research Grants

The Fund's primary object is the support of ordinands. However a small budget is set aside to encourage serious post-ordination study by clergy serving in the Church of England and in churches in communion with it. Applicants must be committed to a traditional Catholic understanding of the priesthood and episcopate.

Postgraduate Research

The Trustees primarily support original research in the fields of theology and church history that will enrich the Church. They may support study in other fields if it can be shown that this is likely to be of benefit to the Church in general or the candidate’s ministry in particular. Grants cannot normally given for taught courses leading to master's degrees. 

The Trustees aim to offer auxiliary funding. They do not normally provide the principal part of any funding required, and will not give financial support to a candidate who has embarked on a course without ensuring that the bulk of necessary funding is already secure. 

Candidates must submit with the Application Form a letter providing a concise account of their proposed area of study, and they must show that the necessary administrative arrangements to register them for the course are in hand. Applications from overseas clergy must be forwarded by the applicant's bishop and with his support. 

Applications will only be considered if both references have been received. It is the duty of the applicant to ensure that the references are received by the Clerk. 

Funding for a second and subsequent years is considered by the Trustees on receipt of a formal request from the candidate, and must be evidenced by a satisfactory progress report from the candidate's academic supervisor

Sabbatical Research Projects

Grants are not given for retreats, pilgrimages or travel. However, as an academic trust the Fund can exceptionally support sabbatical projects that involve serious academic research and writing. Candidates must submit the Application Form, amended as necessary, with a concise account of their proposed field of research. They will be asked to provide an article based on the results of their studies for publication in New Directions, and acknowledging the financial assistance provided by the Cleaver Fund. 

Continuing Study

The Fund offers modest book grants and library subscriptions to clergy who have been ordained for ten years or more, to encourage the recovery of the habit of continuing theological study. Candidates must complete the relevant sections of the Application Form and provide a book list.

Any applications should be submitted to the Clerk by email. Deadlines and Meetings for 2021 are:

Application Deadline                            Trustees' Meeting                       

16th April                                                 4th May

18th June                                                  7th July 

15th October                                            3rd November