Parish Placements

Each year in May the trustees consider applications in respect of candidates undertaking a parish placement as part of their exploration of a vocation to the priesthood.

In order to fall within the terms of the Trust the placement must involve a course of directed study.


Such applications must 

  • be made by the parish priest of the parish concerned
  • include details of the candidate (who should stand in the Anglo-Catholic tradition within which the fund was founded)
  • include details of the course of study to be pursued during the placement
  • include an indication of any other grant-making bodies to which application has been made in respect of the candidate, and of the outcome of such applications, where known.

Succesful candidates are asked to provide a written report towards the conclusion of their placement.

Letters of application, with supporting documents, should be submitted to the Clerk by email, and should arrive by 30 June 2020 in order to be considered by the Trustees at their July 2020 meeting.